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Role Play - Current State Of Affairs

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Role Play - Current State Of Affairs

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:07 pm

This topic will describe the current state of affairs for each individual area in depth to let those involved get a general idea of the over all scheme of things that are happening around them. Of course this information would not be fully aware in character unless you are in the midst of it. However, it can help newer role players decide where they want to jump in and individuals that are on hiatus see what has happened while they were gone and keep up to date.

On Earth there is mostly chaos ensuing. The World Government has broken apart and even the Pirate Hierarchy has shattered. The fragments of the Revolutionary Army are attempting to take advantage of the current situation by reestablishing themselves. Out of their executive leadership a talented general has stepped forward to lead them, Hitsuyona Shizukesa, a Revolutionary Army Captain with large ambitions and strong morals. With the Government in tatters it may be likely that they can succeed in eliminating the remaining Marine presence and seize power.

While the Marine's are not truly a threat at the moment a Pirate Crew known as Motion 66 has sprung up from the East Blue. They are lead by their Captain, Kirito Gekko, who is supported by his first mate, Shinoji Strauss. They established themselves as a force to be reckoned with as they emerged from the East Blue and pushed into the Grandline. They have seemed to set their eyes on lofty ambitions, perhaps desiring to control the seas themselves. At this time it is unknown if they will come into conflict with the Revolution remnants.

In addition there is another small Pirate Crew known simply as Lionheart. Among them there are few members with any renown, those that do have some it is too little to speak of. That is with the exception of their Captain, Arata Mizushima, perhaps the most powerful Pirate alive currently in this age with ambition as great as any other. It is unclear at this time what their true objective is; only that their Captain is one to be feared.

Soul Society:
The Soul Society is currently in a similar state to that of Earth, the governing leadership is in disarray with various individuals fighting for control. Since the disappearance of Captain Commander Kyoraku, the powerful individuals that remained began warring to decide who would become the next leader of the Gotei Thirteen, and effectively the Soul Society. Among those fighting there were several prime candidates, Second Division Captain Haruka Sakurako, and Thirteenth Division Captain Tenkai Bushinji. The two candidates formed their squad behind them as well as allying with other Captain's who sympathized with their ideals. The Eighth and Tenth Divisions pledged their allegiance to Captain Bushinji while the Third and Fifth Divisions aligned themselves with Captain Sakurako. At this time both sides were fairly well matched and no end to the conflict seemed to be on the horizon. The other squads maintain a mostly neutral ground maintaining to stay outside of the conflict with the exception of the Eleventh Division. The current Kenpachi and Captain of the Eleventh Division, Saki Taro, has gone AWOL into the World of the Living, her Division owing allegiance only to itself and the late Captain Commander Kyoraku.

Recently though a young shinigami, Tenjinsai Bushinji, son of the Captain Commander candidate Tenkai Bushinji, stepped into the forefront of these wartime politics. Gathering power and influence the newly appointed Vice Captain had found himself locked in combat with the Fifth Division Captain Maximilian Wulf, whom he defeated in battle by a narrow margin. With his rising power and lofty ideals to bring peace that would otherwise take decades to acquire, Tenjinsai declared himself the Captain of the First Division and the Heir Apparent for the position of Captain Commander. Along with himself there are two promising shinigami that have raised their blade in his support and ideals, Eighth Division Seventh Seat Officer Aria Norwood and Eighth Division Tenth Seat Officer Mikoto Kurokei.

At this time it is unknown if the other war parties are aware of their ambition and what actions will be taken for or against them.
Tenjinsai Bushinji
Tenjinsai Bushinji

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