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Changes for 2018

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Changes for 2018

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:02 pm

Hello everyone, as you may notice progress has been slow for a while on here. Which is understandable considering a lot of our members stopped doing things around August 2017. And i will give some input as to why which came from a single one of those members. He stated that he left due to the many flaws in the rp and lack of things getting done. Which was understandable. I was unable to be around during that period and left the work to the other staff whom were present at the time. I am currently a carer person for my father and uncle whom both have been considered bedridden for quite sometime. My father at 3 heart attacks in 2014~2015 which after the first set of stints he made a decent recovery and was walking about 5 miles a day. Then in 2016 he all of a sudden started having massive issues with mobility and he could not get any strength at all. It was caused by heart problems and he has been bedridden since July 2016. My uncle caught a artery disease around Christmas of 2016 and has since gotten severe nerve damage in his legs and can no longer walk or take care of himself properly. But as for the main story here, My father was literally rotting away during the summer season of this year. His doctors whom were trying to "Cure" him kept putting him off and were only concerned by his pain medication. That was the only topic that continued to come up each visit. Until finally he collapsed in August and had to go to hospital for almost the entire month due to his heart getting worse. Even when he returned home he needed round the clock care. As thus why I was not around to tend to the issues on this forum. But since then my father has found a new doctor and is on his way to recovery at last and could even be walking again by late spring 2018.

And with things getting easier on me in life I have decided to work on the forum even more than before and get many projects done. With the following being done first:

- Fairy Tail Ranks have been injected into their universe. They are limited in the amount of magic things they can have at certain points with 3 different types being the max at Guild master rank.

- Story plot of the forum is being updated to a new version that will also include mini parts from the various members that have posted in the past 2 years that this forum has existed.

- We are starting off the New Year with an official Story arc that is called the Buster Call arc. This arc will serve to progress in the Forum's story and potentially spark some missing flames.

- Gundam things will be edited up and other things will be added to go with them to give some incentive to get one or two. They will mostly serve purpose in space more than on Earth or Planet Vegeta.

- Tenjinsai's Stat system has been made the official new Stat System of this forum and will serve us well into the future years. And yes where he made a booboo in his math has been corrected.

- Dragon Ball Z universe will be heavily worked on in 2018 to make it work in similar manners as the rest of them. With Fairy Tail being worked on with it as well, we hope to make more balance since these two pose the heaviest balance breakers of all.

- Other universes such as Bleach and Naruto will have their own personal Forum story arcs take place in 2018 with Dragon Ball Z having one in possible Winter 2018 if not sooner.

- As for Re:zero, I know you feel left out but once the mod staff returns and we can knock our heads together we will be creating new content for your universe and possibly a Story arc for 2018 as well. Hoping to make the arc happen by Early Spring~Early Summer.

- Balance shall be key to the forum this time around, Such races as those from Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail and Naruto will be receiving limitations either at the start of their creation or during their stories to keep things level and fair.

That is all for now more shall be announced as they happen Smile Happy New Year everyone
Kirito Gekko
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