Fairy Tail World Rankings

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Fairy Tail World Rankings

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Dec 31, 2017 3:04 pm

The progression of ranks will all be listed on this page for all ninja including how to progress to specific ranks and the benefits there in.

Basic Mage: You are the bottom level of the mages in the guilds. At this level you are equivalent to an Academy Student or Genin of the Naruto universe so keep going. You can progress to the next rank at 20,000 Magic in a mock battle with no less than 1,500wc.

S-Class Mage: This is basically the level you can unlock your Second Origin meaning you can unlock the ability to use a second elemental spell type or a new spell. Such for example you know Dragon Slayer magic at the start, good. Now with the second Origin you may learn another type of Magic. With this power your ability with magic has increased and you will be able to become more unpredictable than before as you could mix Fire Dragon Slayer with Ice Make magic. Once you obtain this rank you will receive a permanent boost of 4,000 Magic and +4 added to each stat. It is the equivalent to your races release so you will also gain access to your first 5 abilities too. Once you reach 60,000 Chakra you will be able to advance to the rank of Guild Leader (Guild Master).

Guild Leader/Guild Master: At 60,000 Magic you have finally advanced from the rank of S-Class Mage to Guild Master. This means you are now in charge of the Guild and you can make future decisions on what the guild does from that point onward. Once you reach this rank you will get a permanent 12,000 boost and +12 to each of your stats as the equivalent of your second release. You will also gain access to the last five abilities that your character possess' for use. Once you reach 100,000 Magic you will be eligible for the Magic Council which is the highest honor in the land of Fiore.

Magic Council: This is your race's equivalent as a Kage or Captain (Bleach) position and holds only 10 positions. So once reaching 100,000 Magic you will be considered for the spot if there is one available. Members of the Magic Council are usually chosen by those who have made a name for themselves and are well known throughout the world. If you are made a member of the Magic Council you will be able to take the position right away if you chose to do so. A member of the Magic Council receives a 5,000 Magic boost and temporary boost to +10 to all stats as long as they hold the position.

King of Fiore: This is the most prestigious position in the Fairy Tail Universe and is the De Facto leader of their entire world. They are the most powerful Mage from any and all of the Guilds and command the respect and power of their universe. To become the NAC one must first have at least 120,000 Magic and be the strongest of all Mages. The NAC receives a +15 temporary boost to all stats as long as they hold the position and a permanent 5,000 Chakra boost.
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