Turtle Training School

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Turtle Training School

Post by Kirito Gekko on Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:17 pm

Turtle School

Brief School History:
The first two known members of the school are Grandpa Gohan and Ox-King. Other known students of the Turtle School include Goku, Krillin and Yamcha. The special moves which are taught to the students are the Kamehameha and Jan Ken. The Turtle School also has a rivalry with Master Shen and Mercenary Tao's Crane School of martial arts.

How do we train here?:
Well obviously any race can join the training schools. All you have to do is be on Earth to train at Kame House. Essentially the martial arts comes in steps to where you train your character at certain points to where you can move up to the next level in training and also even become master of the school. Of course while you are in the school you can learn your own stuff too but everything you learn in the school will be half of the original amount to learn from the main list. So this has benefits.

The training levels come as follow:
Stage 1- Entry- Here is where you are basically the entry level trainee of the school. You can learn the Kamehameha after completing this level of training and you can now wear the Logo on your clothing and enter tournaments. 500wc to master this stage of training.

Stage 2 -Mid Rank- You are now basically a senior student at this school. You are considered one of their best fighters perhaps even the best on the planet in their eyes. At this level you basically can gain your first transformation as your race or power up per say. You can do this one at 30,000 Power Level and for 1,500wc.
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