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Kirito Gekko Character Sheet

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Kirito Gekko Character Sheet Empty Kirito Gekko Character Sheet

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:37 pm

Bounty: $435,000,000

1. Stats/Information:

Class: Brute

Power: 84,000

Speed: 102
Strength: 124
Stamina: 124
Perception: 120
Energy: 63

Sandai Kitetsu

Former weapons:
1 Unnamed Sword *Shattered by CP agent*

Special Items:
5-Star Dragon Ball (Owned by crew as a whole)

2. Crew/Group Ranks:

Pirate Crew: Motion 66
Rank: Leader/Captain
Pirate Rank: Yonko

Other Rank: King of Prodence Kingdom

Former Rank: Unit Commander of the Beast Pirates

3. Abilities:

Taka Nami
Sai Kuru
Nitoryu Iai: Rashomon


Black Leg Style:
Party Table Kick Course
Extra Hachée
Sky Walk

Diable Jambe:
Bien Cuit: Grill Shot

4. Devil Fruit:
First Devil Fruit: Phoenix
Name: Tori Tori Fruit, Model: Phoenix
Type: Zoan
Tier: A-Rank [Complete]

Full Transformation-
Kirito Gekko Character Sheet Latest?cb=20130126172323

Winged Tranformation-
Kirito Gekko Character Sheet Latest?cb=20130308093842

-Blue Flames of Resurrection: These blue flames are not hot and they do not burn or spread like normal fire; instead, they are what allow him to heal, and are referred to as the "Blue Flames of Resurrection". Kirito can recover from any damage he accumulates in his human form by reverting to his phoenix, or hybrid phoenix form, or just by summoning blue flames around his body. He has even been seen recovering using mere scattered flames and turning into his human form simultaneously, proving that he is quite resilient and calm when prepared for an impact.

Second Fruit: Mochi
Name: Mochi Mochi Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Tier: C-Rank [Incomplete Powers]

Yanagi Mochi

5. Haki:
Kenbunshoku Haki (Untrained)

Busoshoku Haki (Half Power)
-koka Busoshoku (2 limbs)

Character Skills:
Weapons: 3rd Tier- means you've achieved a great mastery and have been training for decades
Energy Proficiency: 3rd Tier- means all energy based racial techniques can be learned by the user.
Martial Arts: 3rd Tier
Charisma/Leadership: 3rd Tier
Battle Analysis: 3rd Tier
Pain Tolerance: 3rd Tier
Bleeding Tolerance: 3rd Tier- A 3 means you can withstand losing a limb, but only one.
Battle Focus: 2nd Tier- A 2 means you can focus on every aspect of your enemy, such as steps and breathing.
Focused Eye: 2nd Tier
Learning: 3rd Tier- means you can learn spells and abilities very easily.
Lack of Fear: 3rd Tier- means you can completely ignore any fears, including your own.
Damage Recovery: 3rd Tier- means you can heal from deep cuts and gashes more quickly and recover from minor bodily trauma.
Crafting/Forging 3rd Tier- means you can engineer machines.
Anti-Stealth: 3rd Tier- a 3 in Anti-Stealth can find someone with a 3 in Stealth.
Poison Resist: 3rd Tier- means it will take five times as long for you to die, but you will know you've been poisoned. No symptoms will appear.
Footwork: 3rd Tier- A 3 would mean you are able to dance circles around other people that lack the proper footwork or speed.
Interrogation: 3rd Tier- A 3 means they will likely tell you almost every detail.
Hacking: 3rd Tier
Heat/Cold Tolerance: 3rd Tier- A 3 means you can handle them five times as long.
Analyzing: 3rd Tier- A 3 means you're similar to a strategist for the army and can read people like an open book.
Memory: 3rd Tier- A 3 means you can recover quickly from mental abilities.

[Tests passed: Dual Devil Fruits & Awakened Fruit (2nd fruit only)]
Kirito Gekko
Kirito Gekko

Race : Human (Pirate)
Class : Brute
Rank : Captain
Reputation : 0
Age : 26
Location : Michigan

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