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Reporting in, loss of the Senju

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Reporting in, loss of the Senju

Post by Koga Senju on Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:58 pm

We all arrived back in the village to only go directly into the office to report our findings. With the loss of the Senju clan, the Hidden leaf might lose their strength. Hopefully with everything that is going on, no one takes advantage of that. All three of us stand before the Jonin in charge to give our report. "Sir, we are here to report that the entire Senju clan has been massacred. Much like the Uchiha in the past every single member has been killed except for Koga here. Sir, me and my friend here would like to take Koga under our wing and train him to become stronger. Without his clansmen to back him I believe he needs new supporters in the race to become Hokage! Will you accept my wish sir?" I just stood there in surprise as both of my team mates bowed to the Jonin in charge with full intent on training me. But why? Why would they go so far for me, I am just like Sasuke Uchiha was until his daughter was born. The lone survivor of his clan, all massacred by a single man or organization. What could I do as Hokage if I could not even defend my own clan from their deaths? Why is everyone putting so much faith in me? I just don't get it.

"Very well, I accept this. Train him to become stronger and master some more jutsu. Even I believe he will become Hokage, but due to my duties here I cannot leave to train him. I'm not as skilled as Lord Seventh was with his shadow clones. However at this time, Koga, with the loss of your clan you must learn to become strong and lead without a heavy backing like the others. Train hard with these two and you will be just fine."

I stood there in pure shock as even the Jonin in Charge was believing I could be Hokage. I guess this entire village has a plan for me, whether it is to be their leader or someone who forms the pillar for the next Hokage. Either way I must do my best for this village and stand tall for everyone supporting me. "Yes sir! I will do my best to live up to everyone's expectations!" I bow to the Jonin in charge who dismissed us all so we could go train in the fields some. "Come on, we got just a jutsu that might work wonders for you. Also we are gonna strengthen that Taijutsu of yours. Let's get training!" I get my blood pumping for what was about to come, one of these two were known to be a taijutsu master almost matching with Rock Lee and the other was a Ninjutsu specialist. The training was about to get interesting as we set off to the training field to begin my first steps in training.

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