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Mission: Investigate reports of mass murder (C-Rank)

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Mission: Investigate reports of mass murder (C-Rank) Empty Mission: Investigate reports of mass murder (C-Rank)

Post by Koga Senju on Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:44 am

Moving along the path with the two Chunin, I quickly make my way towards my Clan's home. The two of them also seemed rather concerned. Which was odd to me since not many were thrilled with the Senju clan since they vanished after the Second Hokage died. Ever since then the village was mainly governed by the Hokage which at the time was from the Sarutobi clan, Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Third Hokage did his best to keep peace within the village, same did the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. However Minato's time as Hokage was cut short due to the Nine Tailed Fox getting loose and destroying the village. It wasn't until Orochimaru invaded the village and killed the Third Hokage. It was after this point that a decendant of the Senju got back into power. That was Tsunade the Fifth Hokage, she was the granddaughter of the First Hokage. It was during this time that the village finally began to become more stable. No one complained when Kakashi Hatake the Sixth Hokage came to power, his skills as a leader were very patchy at the start but eventually he became a pivital power of the village during his time as Hokage. It was during Naruto Uzumaki's reign as Hokage that the village finally began to prosper into the new era. New technology was found and the village began to finally modernize out of the old era.

"If we hurry through this forest we can make it to the clan grounds within the matter of a half hour. Can you keep up Koga?"

"Yes I can. I've lived here for many years. I know this forest like the back of my hand." Moving at a faster pace, I began to jump through the trees at a much faster speed than the two Chunin I was with. Quickly clearning through the forest I reach the gates of my Clan's home. Looking in all I could see was pools of blood everywhere and buildings destroyed. The only thing that was going through my mind at this moment was, why? Why did they all have to die and for what? The only clue left behind was the same symbol that was seen before on the shadow figure whom I encountered at the Hotel. "Whom ever did this has a vendeta against my clan. Everyone is dead including my family. We should send word back to the village. Let the leaders in charge know about the situation." One of the chunin nodded and went off to complete such a task. Even though I am not the leader of this mission, in fact I'm out ranked by both of them. They are following my lead for some reason. Must be due to the fact I am next in line to be Hokage. "So what should we do? It looks like the enemy has left literally nothing behind. I'm sorry for your loss as well. I can only imagine what you are feeling right now." I only keep my focus on the area around me to try and see if there was anything left i could salvage from my Clan and keep with me at all times. "I appriciate it, however now is not the time for grieving. Right now we must search for clues as to find who did this and bring them to justice. They have attacked a clan heavily affiliated with the Hidden Leaf and shall pay for it."

The chunin only nodded as he walked away to search through some rubble to find a clue. I walk away towards my home which was near the highest center point of the grounds. This was where my house was, where myself and my family resided. Though at this point the house was mostly rubble or half fallen down, it was still my home at this moment until a new home was found for me. Forcing my way through a collapsed doorway, I make my way into my parents room. In here my father kept all of his personal scrolls on things about the Clan as well some jutsu that he personally was creating. Everything my father did was for the well being of the clan as well as the village. Despite the clan living outside of the village. Putting all of the scrolls into my pouch and begin to look around for what might be useful to me. Spotting a sword I quickly pick it up and place it at my side and carry it out of the room with me. Stepping back outside to look around and then back up at the sky. For the first time in a very long time, I was alone. I no longer had the clan to back me up anymore, nor did I have my parents and little brother. Everyone was killed here all in cold blood. "I swear this upon my soul to you all. I will find out who did this to you and bring them to justice. I swear it on my very soul."

"Koga, I believe that the people who did this belonged to that bandit group. But what bandit group could be this powerful to wipe out a whole clan?" The other Chunin interrupted the others sentence to input some information. "We last had contact with the Senju clan about seventy-four hours ago. Meaning that a lot of this is recent. They couldn't have gotten far." Keeping my calm, I quickly step in between the both of them to speak. "It only means that they must still be close by. Perhaps even in the village as well. If the Senju clan was a target then we cannot rule out any other in the village as well." The three of them stood there for a short while to think about the best course of action. The only things they could do was either stay out of the village and hunt down the bandits or go back to the village and do some research. By returning to the village they could also increase security and put out more ninja on patrol. Either way the people would be found its just one is more risky than the other. "I vote we return to the village for now. Not much we can do in the field with very little amount of information. Perhaps the Jonin in charge can give us more to work with. Perhaps there is also spies in our mist as well. We should be on our guard." They all agreed about returning to the village for the time being to figure things out. Looking back at my house then the pile of dead bodies of my fellow clansman, I swore it on my soul I would return to give them all a proper burial somewhere. For now however I could not do it, the situation at hand was too dangerous to sit around and do nothing.

Heading out of the clan's grounds the three of them jumped up into the trees once more to head through the forest. I then turned to the two of them to make sure they were both following my lead as this forest was dangerous even for Jonin Level people if they didn't know the way. "Koga, I've been meaning to ask this but never got the chance this whole trip. Why are you slated to become the next Hokage?" I only turn my head away to smile as I bring the answer out from my mouth to his ears, I remember that the reason behind it wasn't due to my clan, it was due to the fact I was a candidate from my clan. "Each Noble clan of the Hidden Leaf has chosen someone from their ranks as a Candidate to become Hokage. I was the chosen one of the Senju Clan. There should also be one of the Hyuga, Aburame, Akimichi, and the Nara Clans. There are more clans than that however those are just ones I can name at this moment. We are basically racing to train and see who becomes stronger or lives long enough to take the seat. Even in times of peace, being a shinobi or even a citizen in this world you are a target for someone." Both of the chunin looked at Koga in shock since they never knew about this information. Especially the part of everyone is a target for someone, that seemed to hit a mark. But it was from this moment they decided to stand by Koga and make sure he became Hokage. They would not say it out loud but it was what they decided in their heads to themselves. Arriving back through the village gate, the three of them took off running for the Hokage manor to report in the information they had found.

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Mission: Investigate reports of mass murder 1,517/1,500
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