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Mission: Help Pick my weeds (D-Rank)

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Mission: Help Pick my weeds (D-Rank) Empty Mission: Help Pick my weeds (D-Rank)

Post by Koga Senju on Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:42 am

Arriving at Senju park after a little encounter with the Jonin who assigned me this mission, I then stand ready at the gate to begin my next mission. Looking around there were many people here. It was almost like a festival was ongoing at this time. It was surely a happy sight for me to see, even if my family was not involved in making this park. Walking into the garden area I look around and see an older lady standing there waving her arm at me. I quickly walk over to her and introduce myself. "Hello madam, I am Koga Senju, a Genin of the Hidden Leaf. Pleasure to meet you. I believe the mission to pull the weeds was yours?"

"Why yes it was young man. Good to see some youngsters still take pride in doing their missions. Please do clear out the weeds in my plot so that my flowers may bloom some. I know the plot is small but I will be very happy when its done."

Nodding to my client I quickly walk into the plot and begin my job of picking the weeds out. One by one the plot was getting closer to being complete. "So if you don't mind me asking what kind of plants are you growing in here?" I got about half done at this point and I stand up to stretch out my back for a quick minute. The old lady then just giggled a little and with an innocent smile on her face she spoke very softly.

"Why just some herbs and vegetables that my late husband used to love. I still eat them from time to time, just to remember the old days. Times were rough back then but it was also a very lovely time. The Third Shinobi war was going on about the time we had our first child. He might even still be a Shinobi to this day. But since he joined the Anbu I don't hear from him much anymore."

After I finished hearing her short story I quickly wrapped up the task at hand and walked up to her once more to be handed money and a pat on the head. Before I knew it she was walking away to go feed the birds in the center of the park. Clenching my money for the mission, I smile as I know with this money I could afford a place to sleep tonight. The question was where. Heading out of the garden area I head for the hotel district to find me a room for the night.

wc 449
Help pick my weeds: 687/250
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Koga Senju
Koga Senju

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