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Story Plot for RP/ Current World Standings/Alliances

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Story Plot for RP/ Current World Standings/Alliances

Post by Kirito Gekko on Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:28 am

Anime United Story Plot

The Big Bang Arc:
In the Soul Society Ichigo Kurosaki and Sousuke Aizen are currently fighting the Tyrant Quincy Leader, who aimed to take over the world, Yhwach. The clash was very intense as the ground below them began to crumble apart. Each blow exchange was causing rips in the very dimension the Soul Society was in. People were crying and running for their lives while many other Shinigami continued or finished their battles in the Royal Palace. However for Ichigo and Aizen their battle was far from over. The Soul Society was crumbling apart.

In a completely seperate universe Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki had absorbed his comrade and began the final battle against the 7th Hokage Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in a dead lock battle to finish the skirmish that had begun there. Just as with Ichigo and Aizen the world around these three was crumbling as well with each blow. In another universe Monkey D. Luffy and the famous Yonko Kaido finally met face to face and were starting to fight with one another. At the sametime Son Goku and Jiren are starting their match after Goku achieved Ultra Instinct. These universes together began to flow into one another causing massive rips in the different dimensions. With one great clash between all of them at once the dimenions fell apart and a great light appeared between  everyone causing those who were well known to just vanish other than the gods. Many people remained behind to fill the voids left but anyone with real strength was now gone. Unknown where they went it leaves the world to rebuild itself and find people to fill in the blanks. In a world with all dimensions collided together.

~Blanks to be filled in as story progresses~

Rebuild arc:
In the wake of the world after the explosion that fused the dimensions, many with strong enough power began to appear. Kirito Gekko, Shinoji Strauss, Koga Senju, Tenjinsai Bushinji, Nanaomi Sugowara and Hitsuyona Shizukesa are among those people who appeared out of the woodwork. Each of them rebuilding their worlds in their own way with Kirito forming the pirate group Motion 66 after he thought the last of the Revolutionary army was wiped out when in turn Hitsuyona was with the main group of the Revolutionaries in a different half of the world. However due to communications being down neither knew about the other nor knew if they were alive. While Tenjinsai was in the Soul Society making his way through his life's issues and stepping up for his Clan within the Gotei 13. While in the Land of Shinobi Koga Senju was selected by his clan to represent them to become the next Hokage in the Hidden Leaf. All of these people began the rebuild in the world that was left in shambles after the great clash.

~Arc ended on January 1, 2018~

Buster call arc:
With the World Government finally gathering their thoughts and forces, they began their conquest over the new lands. With Koga Senju of the Hidden Leaf fighting to protect the Land of Shinobi with many other shinobi, the invasion seemed to of started. A similar army was sent after Kirito Gekko and Shinoji Strauss but with the aid of Tenjinsai Bushinji the new Captain of the 1st Division and Mikoto Kurokei the army was defeated fairly quickly. There were some countries not as lucky to have someone protect them. The following lands were occupied without contest, Fiore, Karakura Island, Land of Z, and the Kingdom of Lugnica. It is possible someone could raise up and defend them but it is not seen in the near future with all citizens of each country living in fear.

(Please note if you want your character's story told in more detail or involved you can request it by messaging me what you want said.)

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Re: Story Plot for RP/ Current World Standings/Alliances

Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Dec 31, 2017 3:14 pm

World Standing/ Alliances and Wars:

Note: These alignments can be changed if certain groups are taken out or if actual players of the rp not npc make agreements with leaders of the races/locations.

World Government: At War With Pirates, Aligned with Marines

Pirates: At War with World Government and Marines.

Marines: At war with Pirates, Aligned with World Government.

Land of Z: Occupied by the World Government.

Land of Shinobi: Neutral, Internal wars are ongoing, due to lack of Leadership a faction of people in Land of water caused a civil war and took control and are now at war with neighboring lands to expand their military reach into the island nations around them.

Shinigami: At war with Hollows. Aligned with Humans of Karakura Island. (Currently closed off from other races other than Hollow and those on Karakura Island)

Karakura Island: At war with Hollows. Aligned with Shinigami. Occupied by the World Government.

Hollows: At war with Shinigami. (Currently closed off from other races other than Shinigami and those on Karakura Island)

Fiore: Occupied by the World Government.

Saiyans (Planet Vegeta): Neutral, waiting for hire

Namekians (Planet Namek): Neutral
Kirito Gekko

Race : Human (Pirate)
Class : Brute
Rank : Captain
Age : 25
Location : Michigan

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