Story Plot for RP

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Story Plot for RP

Post by Kirito Gekko on Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:28 am

Anime United Story Plot

The Fourth Shinobi war was finally over in the world of Naruto, peace has returned after the Tournament between the Universes of Dragon Ball, Yhwach has been defeated, Luffy and his crew finally reached Zou and the Military's use of Alchemy has become more focused on helping people than before.

However this is all brought to an abrupt end as a rupture of the galaxies began to grow and expand. These universes were dragged together into one place. During these events however the people who were strong and well known had vanished. Goku and his group were no where to be found, Naruto and Sasuke plus many other ninja vanished, all well known pirates had disappeared with their ships floating empty in the middle of the seas, Ichigo plus his friends and allies had disappeared leaving many Shinigami without leaders to guide them nor protect them. Lastly the Elric brothers plus all other famous Alchemists vanished without a trace.

What was the cause of this? Who could have done this? Could it have been the work of Beerus the god of destruction? Or was it the work of Sosuke Aizen, could have even been Toneri Ōtsutsuki. No one knows the answers to any of these questions.
Now conjoined with the rest of the universes, the land Goku and his friends were from appeared in the South Blue of the One Piece world. Their power shaking the world with the remaining fighters who had the power to even make their presence known. The Shinobi from the Hidden Leaf and allies were not slow in trying to figure out where they were, using their jutsu and chakra to cross the oceans trying to find their answers.

Lacking in power and strength without their Captains and Captain Commander the Shinigami of the Soul Society closed off their gates to the world of the living and decided to remain in hiding from the humans. With the lack of Shinigami, Hollows began to appear all over the world. Now that every living being was spiritually aware and could see the Hollows crystal clear, they began to put up a fight against them. Karakura Town was not left out of this fray, being located in the Paradise of Grand Line they began to set up a base of operations to put a stop to the Hollows rampages.

Due to the way the worlds were connected, all modern technology was disabled and unable to be turned back on. Each Land is working to fix that in order to find the answers they had been searching for. The World Government is working their way to gain control over everyone like they had before. Will they succeed or will the lands fight back or will the Pirates defeat them and make a new World order? Only time can tell.
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