Creating Custom Techniques

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Creating Custom Techniques

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:15 pm

Creating A Technique:
Now, everyone wants to spread their creative wings, so to speak. However, when things like this are not regulated properly it can get out of hand, quickly. I would like people to be able to express themselves though in a way beyond their own techniques without also essentially letting someone create endless abilities to be used that can do everything under the sun. Therefore, I have laid out somewhat of a template that can be used to submit created abilities. All of these of course will be subject to staff approval first before they can be used and learned.

Rules And Regulation:
I do not want to make these rules too tight, but they have to be to an extent to keep everything orderly. Now obviously you can create anything you want. Your ability can be to blow up all of existence. It probably won't get approved, but you can try if you would like. I would suggest being realistic and reasonable, but if you want to let your imagination run wild and try your luck, be my guest. But there will be several rules that must be followed which I will list below.

#1: Techniques will be considered racial. Therefore only individuals from that particular race will be able to learn those techniques. They must also be taught by the individual that created them since no one else in existence would know how to perform it. The only way around this would be to get a hold of the dragonballs so you can acquire another races abilities.

#2: Techniques cannot and will not effect statistics. It is unfortunate but by allowing that then it essentially allows people to create more abilities beyond the 10 they are allowed to have at character creation. It would make the aforementioned system almost meaningless so it must be maintained this way.

#3: Individuals are limited to the number of techniques they can create. They are allowed to start creating them once they hit 20,000 Power to present some more realism to it. At 20,000 you will be able to create your first technique. Every 25,000 following that you will be able to create another ability. That will give you a total of three unique techniques that you can create and choose to teach others of your race if you desire.

#4: All abilities must be submitted and approved prior to usage. Obviously if your ability has not been approved by staff, then you cannot begin creating/learning it and using it.

#5: Techniques will require a minimum Word Count of 3,000 to actually create and then properly hone these abilities. This is not supposed to be something easy as you are creating an entirely new ability from scratch.

#6: Last but not least, be realistic and reasonable with how you lay out your abilities. I understand wanting to do amazing things with your character, but sometime it is just not in the cards. Play to your characters strengths, if you are a power fighter I do not think you will be shooting laser beams all over the place.

Technique Name:
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Technique Creator:
Tenjinsai Bushinji

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