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Lionheart Pirate Crew

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Lionheart Pirate Crew Empty Lionheart Pirate Crew

Post by Arata Mizushima on Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:45 am

Crew Goals:
- To explore the world and its wonders.
- Where possible to make a positive impact on visited lands and improve the world.
- Leave proof that they existed in this time.

Crew Ranking:

Captain: Arata Mizushima
1. Rina Yukimura
Appearance:Lionheart Pirate Crew Hqdefault

Description: Rina was a normal village girl until the Marines destroyed her village and killed its inhabitants. She too would have died if she wasn't saved by a certain mage. Thanks to this she crossed paths with Arata and decided to join his crew and became one of the most important crewmembers.

Rina is skilled both with swords and daggers though she prioritises speed over strength. She the second strongest member in the crew after Arata making her one of his most reliable battle partners.

Magic: Takeover Magic
This allows the user to take over the abilities of other beings and use them for themselves. She acquired this because of the previously said mage but it was no easy decision if she should inherit this power.

Nephilim Soul:
Appearance: Lionheart Pirate Crew Latest?cb=20160402141633

Description: This form is that of a demon/angel hybrid. In this form all of Rina's battle capabilities increase dramatically to the point where is almost as physically strong as Arata.

2. Setsuna Nakahara
Appearance: Lionheart Pirate Crew Latest?cb=20170511212907

Description: Setsuna is a mage that comes from a city called Xynnar in the country Joya. After the Great Flash she found herself to be in Cocoyashi Village. However, the villagers who where new to magic didn't take kindly to her and have kicked her while abusing her. During the most recent festival in the village she made up with the villagers thanks to Arata and Rina and decided to join them on their travels.

Battle Appearance: Lionheart Pirate Crew 800?cb=20170605180122
Setsuna is a battlemage and therefore mixes her fighting style with her magic. She knows offensive spells as well as support spell(which she can only use on herself) and she can also heal others but only their wounds and not broken bones or damaged organs.

3. Random NPCs (Former Mercenaries)


Seventh Sanctum(Mage Guild)

Guild Goals: Unknown

Description: Not much is known about this guild apart from the fact that it has seven memebers who are all extremely powerful. Any of the members can be recognised by a silver necklace with a certain animal head. Due to their involvement in world affairs, the members may get bounties because of getting in the way of Marines.

Guild Leader: Ryuu Fujimoto- The Wolf
Appearance: Lionheart Pirate Crew Latest?cb=20160629222341

Description: Fujimoto is the mage that saved Rina from being killed in her village. He is known for wearing a pink Hawaiian shirt. He is a good example of 'Don't judge a book by its cover' since he may look old(grayish hair) but his strength and skill put the strongest warriors to shame.

Fujimoto is known to be an expert in all types of combat whether its hand to hand, armed or magic, nothing is a problem for him.

Magic: Ice Devil Slayer Magic  

1.Airi Kawaguchi- The Snake
Appearance: Lionheart Pirate Crew Tumblr_nhphzmCocF1tql7k7o1_r1_1280

Description: Airi is a fallen noble but unsatisfied with that kind of life she left of her own will looking for thrills. Although she has her way with words the snake was chosen for her due to her terryfying combat skills.

Magic: Armament(Weapons)
Although she has access to many weapons and is able to fight with them, ever since she reached her strength level Airi has only relied on one weapon in particular. This later became her primary weapon of choice.

2. Lailah- The Phoenix
Appearance: Lionheart Pirate Crew Eccbe7f709aa4222c9bf866a87b5571f--sculptures-artistiques-anime-woman

Description: Lailah is considered as the brains of the guild and is often relied on as the 'strategist'. Her role is usually support but she isn't any weaker than any of the other members and has saved the guild countless times.

Magic: Fire Magic
Lailah is very skilled in using fire magic and has found many ways to use it. Her abilities are mostly long ranged but she can put up a fight in close combat as well. She does this by using her magic to project a fiery whip which she has great mastery of. She could alsouse other weapons but this is her preferred close combat fighting style.


Orange Town (East Blue)
Arata Mizushima
Arata Mizushima

Race : Human
Class : Brute
Rank : Pirate
Power : 59
Strength : 100
Stamina : 80
Speed : 71
Energy : 80
Perception : 72
Reputation : 0

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