Ryū Mikami

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Ryū Mikami

Post by OpalescentDragon on Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:00 am

Ryu is an over protective yandere. She has a strong loyalty to her kind and will protect them and her home with her life. On average, however, she is a quiet person/hollow that prefers action over words.

race: Hollow/Arrancar
age: 20
class: agile
rank: hollow


POWER| 5,000


hollow abilities:
1 Slip coat: Ryu's skin secretes a slimy water-based liquid that is very slippery. This allows her to "swim" on surfaces other than water including sand, dirt, and hard smooth surfaces. She can also use this to escape if someone is holding her unless the person has a very strong grip or is using spirit energy/magic. (think of a snail basically but faster)

2 Poison Bubbles: Ryu can create bubbles filled with poison from her mouth. She can create up to 5 bubbles a day before having to rest and replenish her poison glands. (bubbles do not stack)  They float slowly but stick to and melt anything they touch.

3 Steel feathers: Can pluck some of her feathers from her chest or hind legs and harden them with spirit energy and then fling them like fast projectiles (kinda like kunai). Feathers take about a 2 to 3 rp days to grow back.

4 Stone Gaze: Ryu stares into the eyes of a foe and can trap them in place petrifying them. The gaze only works on those of a lower spiritual energy than her own. petrification lasts only for 5-20 minutes depending on how long the person stares back.

5 Boiling torrent: Ryu spews hot water out of her mouth that can cause burns. As the water evaporates it creates steam which she can use as cover for a quick escape.

Resurreccion powers:
1 Poison cero: a green cero that has been infused with her poison. Instead of instant damage, it has a damage over time effect making the person hit by it sick within 2 mins or so. Outwardly it looks like it did no harm to a person hit by it. It's much less stronger than a normal cero but much faster.

2 Multiply: Ryu can multiply or split her zanpakto (a knife) into 5 Kuni which she can then throw. She must keep at least one for her knife to reform in her hand so this only allows her to throw 4 of the 5 kuni without risking being unarmed.

3 Stone Gaze (upgrade): Same as stone gaze but lasts from 10-40 minutes depending on how long she stares.

4 Boiling wave: Ryu swings her knife releasing a wave of boiling hot water leaving burns along its path. As the water evaporates it creates steam. Has a longer and wider range than Boiling torrent.


character sheet
theme song:

Race : hollow
Class : agile
Rank : hollow
Power : 6
Strength : 5
Stamina : 6
Speed : 11
Energy : 5
Perception : 9
Age : 21

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