Training in the Forest of Death

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Training in the Forest of Death

Post by Koga Senju on Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:42 am

Setting foot at the gates that were to go into the Forest of Death, I walk slowly up to the gate. Pressing my hand to the cold iron, I push with a little strength opening the gate enough for me to pass through. It was time that I looked away from the village fo a little while and become stronger. Turning back a little, I give myself one last look at the village as it would be the last time for a short while. Turning back away from the village I walk into the forest of death without a single doubt in my mind. My time here was to train and become stronger than the average Genin here. The village was currently in a state of emergency, with the disappearance of the Hokage and the main forces. I intended to fill that void and become the strength of the village. Getting into the deepest part of the forest, I stood there next to a river where I intended to train.

"Now then, I remember what my clan members had me do before I came to the village. Which means if their tests are correct then I have the use of water element. If this is true then I shall train here next to this river until I master it."

It was time I began my training into this water element. The future hung in the balance if I could not finish this training then the village will lack a leader for even longer. I buckled down to begin my long training into using my chakra element.

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Water Elemental 270/800
Koga Senju

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