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Suggestion for RE:Zero Magic Spells

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Suggestion for RE:Zero Magic Spells Empty Suggestion for RE:Zero Magic Spells

Post by Rash ラシュ on Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:29 am

I would like to formally suggest changes in the following:

  • Element Affinity Selection Process.
  • Current Element Limitation.
  • Current Spell Selection.

Reason(s) For Suggestion/ Solutions:

  • Element Affinity Selection Process: Currently the process requires a Mod-performed Randomization Test. I think this is unnecessary and takes away from the player's freedom to select which Element(s) best suit their character. Furthermore, in the current selection, some elements are favorable to others, this isn't a problem as long as the player has the freedom to select which element they want, but once the selection is randomized it becomes more of a matter of a player being dealt a bad hand if they end up with X Element. Allowing the player to freely select their affinity(s) would be great appreciated.

  • Current Element Limitations: The current system seems to allow only 1 Element Affinity per character. Ideally I would like to suggest that players be allowed to freely select at least 2 element affinities and be allowed to do randomizer rolls for the others similar to the current system for Naruto Chakra Natures.

  • Current Spell Selection: The current selection of spells is very limited and favors certain elements over others. Again it wouldn't be as bad if the players are allow to freely select 2-3 elements that they want. Effective changes in the last two suggested areas would solve this problem on their own. However, in the event that they are not changed, I would like to suggest giving more freedom in the creation of Spells relative to the Element that one has; allowing the player to create their own set of personalized spells that are appropriate to their play-style.
    The current Magic Spell Ranking system (El, Ur, or Al) and the WC requirement to learn the spells of each caliber is fine as is. If a player wants to make an El Spell they know it will need 1000WC and etc.

    Thanks for your continued hard work and consideration.

Rash ラシュ

Race : Human
Class : Agile
Rank : Karakura HS Senior
Power : 48
Strength : 69
Stamina : 60
Speed : 71
Energy : 69
Perception : 69
Reputation : 0
Age : 25
Location : Karakura, Japan

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