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The Various Ranks Of The Dragonball Universe

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The Various Ranks Of The Dragonball Universe Empty The Various Ranks Of The Dragonball Universe

Post by Tenjinsai Bushinji on Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:53 pm

In the world of Dragonball there are many, many different races and hierarchies buried in each one. Depending on your own race within the universe will determine to an extent where you can go and what degree of greatness you can attain. Below you will find all the various organizations and positions available within the Dragonball Universe and the individual ranks broken down within.

Saiyan Monarchy:
Saiyan Warrior: For those who find themselves as a part of the monarchy, everyone is born as a warrior. The Saiyan's are a race born to fight, it burns hot in their blood and there is nothing that they enjoy more. Whether you are a man or a woman, a birth mother or a scientist, you are also a warrior. Embrace your culture and one day maybe you will also become a super saiyan.

Scientist: Those who find themselves more, technically inclined, can join the Saiyan Science Organization and help them advance their scientific culture. While not the smartest of species, Saiyans are by no means stupid and there are many among them that thoroughly enjoy the pursuit of science.

Commander: This is the more traditional route for a saiyan warrior. It is extremely common for saiyans to rush to the battlefield and push themselves to the limit so they can become stronger, as any true warrior wishes to accomplish. Those however who also distinguish themselves by showing leadership traits may also find themselves commanding a team of their own as they conquer their enemies. Those that wish to wage war while also leading men may find this to their leaking.

Head Scientist: The greatest mind of the Saiyan race and leader of the Saiyan Science Organization. They are the greatest driving force for progressive thought and scientific expansion within the Saiyan Monarchy. By extension they are also in charge of the new generation of Saiyan Warriors as the incubation areas that house newborns are also a responsibility of the SSO. Though not leading troops on the battlefield, this position is still one of great prestige and importance among the Nobility.

Champions: Though not a leader of men, the champion is still a very important and prestigious position in the Saiyan Army. They are essentially the strongest warriors of the army and lead the charge into battle against the Monarchy's enemies. They are warriors of immense power and indomitable will and are the spirit of the army. Those who have the fortune of fighting alongside a Champion are said to feel honor beyond understanding.

General: The General is the leader of the entire Saiyan Army. They are the absolute authority and answer only to the King themselves. Though the leader of the entire army it is also not uncommon for the general to be seen on the frontlines fighting alongside his or her soldiers. While being a leader of men they are also a peerless warrior picked from among the Super Elite of the Saiyan race. Their authority and power is not something to be undermind unless one wishes to end up on the wrong side of an energy beam.

Adviser To The King: The adviser to the King, arguably one of the most positions in the entire kingdom. They are consul for the king on all major issues and even at times carry out the kings orders issuing them to the other leading members of the kingdom. They are one that is incredibly wise and well versed on matters of internal and external importance. Though being a saiyan, the adviser is also no exception of being a warrior and being in such a high ranking position is also typically chosen from the Saiyan Elite. It is not unheard of for the adviser to be one of the strongest of their species.

King Of All Saiyans: The King, undisputed leader of the Saiyan Race, and almost always the most powerful of their people. They rule with an iron fist and uses their forces to destroy any enemy of their Kingdom. All wither before the might of the King, their authority is absolute, to defy it is suicide. Incredibly proud and loyal to their people, the King attempts to lead the Saiyan's into the future and secure a better position for the Monarchy.

Capsule Corps:
Employee: The entry level position of Capsule Corps. You are a menial, everyday worker that takes care of the small and insignificant tasks. Perhaps one day, with enough work, you may find yourself in the upper echelons in the company.

Scientist: The great minds of Capsule Corps and the ones that continue to come up with wonderful inventions to make the daily struggle of the every day consumer that much easier. Ranging from everyday appliances to spacecraft and inertial dampeners, these individuals are the think tanks of the company.

Head Scientist: The head of development for Capsule Corps and essentially the leader of the scientists. They are one of the greatest minds of the company and most likely one of the greatest minds of humanity. They typically spearhead any large development projects and divvy out projects and jobs to the scientists that serve under them.

Manager: The managers are the department heads of the company and the ones who make most of the major decisions. They answer only to the CEO and carry out their business plans and concepts to meet quarterly and yearly quotas. The must oversee production and efficiency in all areas of the company and, if need be, dispose of those that just don't quite cut it.

Chief Executive Officer: The lead of the company and indisputable authority where this multi-billion zenni company is concerned. They are typical an individual of great intelligence considering the background of the company itself as well as good at giving orders and not taking crap. The Managers and Head Scientist report directly to them and receive their orders in that manner.

Planet Trade Organization:
Soldier: These are the  rank and file members of the PTO. They are a dime a dozen and just as expendable to the ones who lead them into battle. Those few gems that manage to actually survive a few battles and gain some modicum of power, perhaps they will achieve something more then being a puppet to serve a higher power's purpose.

Officers: The lucky few that manage to not get killed in the early point of their career and distinguish themselves, they can ascend to the rank of officer. These individuals are the stronger members of the PTO and typically have one to several units of soldiers under their command. From here, one can work their way up to the rank of Commander, or if ambitious enough, perhaps even join the Special Operations unit.

Special Forces Officer: These are the elite of the soldiers tasked with some of the most difficult, and morally questionable, actions of the PTO. Led by the Commander of their unit these highly trained individuals are tasked with highly confidential and crucial tasks directly from the leader of the PTO.

Commander: As is indicitive of the title, they are the commanding officers of the PTO military force. They rank above the officers and answer directly to the Emperor. They carry out the emperor's will and dispatch their forces as necessary wherever they need be.

Special Forces Commander: The leader of the elite special forces unit that is under the direct control of the Emperor. They are one the highest trained and most powerful members of the PTO's military force and are deployed for only the greatest and most dangerous of tasks. They operate quietly and with discretion as getting their units hands dirty with questionably moral actions is not uncommon for the special forces unit. One would however think twice before getting in their way.

Aide: The aides are the personal bodyguards and assistants to the Emperor. Their job is to carry out the emperors will if necessary and deliver orders to the lower ranked officers. They, as bodyguards, are also charged with keeping the Emperor safe from any possible threats that may come up. They are some of the most powerful individuals in the universe and are not someone to be trifled with. To have earned this position speaks volumes of their ability.

Emperor: The leader of the PTO and undisputable powerhouse of the universe. As the leader of the Planet Trade Organization a large portion of the universes land holdings are essentially at their finger tips. They also have an armed forces composed of the standard rank and file soldiers as well as many more highly trained warriors to do their bidding. The emperor also has the Special Forces unit which is composed of five highly trained soldiers that carry out their personal will and the most dangerous tasks as deemed. Beyond that, they also have two aides that serve by their side almost constantly and are incredibly dangerous in their own right.

Namekian Chiefdom:
Villager: These are the everyday members of the namekian villages. Peaceful by nature and representing a strong agrarian culture, the namekians choose to develop their innerselves instead of pursuing a more violent end like most other species. Some of them however will develop powers that set them apart from the others, but not as conquerers but instead as guardians.

Guardians: These are the more powerful individuals of the namekian race that have cultivated their strength over years of self reflection. Being the warriors of their race these individuals have been tasked with the protection of their people from any foreign visitors that may seek to do harm to their people. They are righteous and kind and embody the virtues of their species.

Village Elders: Though the main purpose of the elders has somewhat outlived its purpose, the social structure of the namekian people still calls for it as it is deeply buried in their culture. The elders were once charged with safe guarding the dragonball, one of which was held in each village. However, with the dragonballs now being scattered and lost, they now serve more of a superficial purpose as a leader of their respective village and helping guide the younger generations.

Elder: The elder is the leader of the entire Namekian race. They are in essence a spiritual leader having typically attained a level of understanding or enlightenment beyond the rest of their people. They are wise beyond their years and show a benevolence and understanding to all of their 'children'.

Race Leader:
God of Destruction: Requires 150,000 Power & must be from the Dragonball Universe. Basically you are the most powerful being in the universe. Use your powers as a God wisely, you can still be defeated. Grants a +15 bonus to all stats & 5,000 permanent Power bonus.
Tenjinsai Bushinji
Tenjinsai Bushinji

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